Aiko is a Japanese name that means love child.

The AIKO WordPress theme is a minimalist, black & white theme, great for fashion blogs, it shines with beautiful photos.

It has an After Header widget area (we put a slider but you can put any content there) and 4 widget areas on 4 columns. The 4 columns are only displayed on the homepage.

If you don’t add content to these widget areas you can use it as a simple blog theme.

You can also set the homepage to be a static page that uses the full-width-content template and you can easily have a business website. A very clean, white business website.

Use it and modify it as you like.

Download it from Github

** You need to have Genesis Framework in order to use the child theme. Genesis Framework is not included with the theme.

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  1. Darren Littlejohn Avatar
    Darren Littlejohn

    where is the demo of the landing page theme and why is there no full width page layout in the options when creating a page?

    1. Andrei Chira Avatar
      Andrei Chira

      You can select the landing page template or the full-width layout when creating/editing a page, I’ve tested right now and it’s working.

      Here’s the landing demo –

      1. Karan M Avatar
        Karan M

        Thank you for the theme!

        That does not seem to work for me. I’ve create a page, Home, and set it to full-width with the landing page template but it is still 4 column.

        Also, the slider is not using full-width either. I do not have the after-header widget area.

      2. Andrei Chira Avatar
        Andrei Chira

        Can you give me access to the WordPress admin?

  2. Abhi Avatar

    I really like this theme.

    But, one of the important widgets places, “Featured Home” did not work for me.

    When I placed the Genesis slider into “Featured Home”, the slider was visible on every page. Ideally, it should on the homepage only, but no matter what page I visit the slider was there. So, I had to drop the idea of “Featured Home” place.

    I am still using your theme as it is really classy and it sets itself apart.

    1. Andrei Chira Avatar
      Andrei Chira

      You can install the Widget Logic plugin – – and the widget will then have a field where you can add this code: is_front_page(). The widget will show only on the front page.

      If you like, you can add multiple widgets in the Featured Home widget area and with widget logic code you can control the where to display them.

      1. Abhi Avatar

        Hi Andrei,

        Thank you so much for the quick response.
        I will check it and let you know 🙂

        Thanks again,

  3. Helen Avatar

    Love this theme, but I have 2 issues.
    1. How can I set the sidebar on the homepage to appear after the carousel? I want the carousel to be full width like in the demo).
    2. How to decrease the side space on mobile?

    1. Andrei Chira Avatar
      Andrei Chira

      I think you have some syntax error in the home featured widget, maybe a < or ), I don't know. That's why the layout is messed up. If you solve that, the side space on mobile will shrink too. If you need it even smaller you can edit style.css, look for the .site-inner rule from the media queries section and modify the padding.

      1. Helen Avatar

        Hi Andrei,
        Thank you so much for the quick response. It looks good now 🙂

  4. Esteban Avatar

    Hello, the template is great. The Genesis Bootstrap Carousel plugin is outdated and abandoned for 6 years, is it safe to use it?

    1. Andrei Chira Avatar
      Andrei Chira

      It is safe as far as I know, but if you want something more up-to-date you can use any other carousel plugin. If it can be displayed in a widget, it should work with the theme.

  5. Helen Rivera Ilman Avatar
    Helen Rivera Ilman

    Hi, I use this theme and it looks great, but I was wondering if it’s safe to update to Genesis 2.10.1? Is this theme is compatible with the recent Genesis updates?

    1. Andrei Chira Avatar
      Andrei Chira

      Yes, you can update. The theme demo works on Genesis 2.10.1.

  6. RI Avatar

    Hi, I’ve just noticed the Genesis 3.0.3 update is available. Is the Aiko theme is compatible with this recent Genesis update?

    1. Andrei Chira Avatar
      Andrei Chira

      Yes, it is.

  7. Anne Avatar

    Any guidelines to setup or how to setup homepage like your demo?
    I have installed this child theme, now i need help.

    1. Andrei Chira Avatar
      Andrei Chira


      You can find instructions in the readme file –

      1. Anne Avatar

        Thank you Andrei

  8. Rajesh Avatar

    Excellent theme, keep up the good work!

  9. Bernhard Avatar

    I love your theme. Super nice. But question. I was importing the .xml file to have all the demo pages and posts imported.

    However. I can’t figure out where I can see the Main-Homepage of this demo?
    I installed all the extra plugins and the carousel, etc.

    But I can’t find the page or post for the main frontpage?

    1. Andrei Chira Avatar
      Andrei Chira

      The homepage has some widgets (the carousel and the 4 columns). No need to set a homepage, just set the widgets.

      1. Bernhard Avatar

        Cool. Thank you so much Andrei.

        Posts–> Featured Image

        I realized I had to upload a single-post.php script to ensure that the featured image will be prompted on the top of each post.

        I used that single script:

        It works. But unfortunately, using the AIKO Theme, for some reason the image is not used 100% for the width.

        I tried to find the .css code that would change it.
        But all attempts failed.

        Do you maybe have a short .css code that would fix that issue?
        Or would I need to change a few lines inside the .php file?

        Thank you so much Andrei for all your help all the time.
        I really do appreciate that man!


  10. Nic Bailey Avatar
    Nic Bailey

    Hi there.
    I’m new to wordpress, genesis and child themes, so I’m on a steep learning curve. I was wondering if it was possible to align the header image on the left? Is it a simple bit of css code or is it more complicated than that?


  11. Nic Avatar

    Figured it out.

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