Top 3 requirements for building a website

Top 3 requirements for building a website

If you’ve ever built a website for a client, you probably heard one of these 3 things before.

You would think that business people should be more profit-oriented or more efficient.

No, most are just kids who want to boast in front of their friends that they have a more beautiful site.

And they want their website to be:

1. Interactive

What does this mean? Something to do with motion and music and interactivity. You figure it out, you’re a designer!

2. Dynamic

Oh, yeah, another facet of interactivity. Dynamic probably means a flash site they once saw in 1996, but they don’t remember exactly how it was, but I’m sure it was super cool.

3. Revolutionary

This is the supreme requirement. Unfortunately, it can not be explained in words. It’s a concept that transcends us all. But although it can not be described, the site has to be revolutionary. You can do it, you’re a designer!

The top things people do NOT want from a site are:

  • to be an extension of their business
  • to transmit their marketing message to potential customers
  • to generate profit

In 2003 I created my first site, and in all these years I went through Magento and WordPress and came to a conclusion: design does not matter.

It does not matter because it is treated as decoration instead of being treated as the architecture of information. When you understand that and approach design as so, it starts to matter.

Set your goals

What do you want the site to do for you, for your business? What do you want to transmit to potential customers?

How easy can it be found and accessed? Once on the site, how easy is the customer finding the information it came for?

The design is not a goal in itself. SEO is not a goal in itself. Page Rank is not a goal in itself. They are just some means to achieve your proposed objectives.

Making websites has evolved that in a week you can have a modern website that shows you have a serious and professional business with pretty low costs.

It’s simple. Don’t over-complicate it!


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