Create a website for your business in less than 10 minutes

You can have a WordPress website for your business in less than ten minutes. You only need a domain name and a web hosting plan from Simplenet, and you can create a website with WordPress for free.

How to Create a Free WordPress Site in Just 10 Minutes?

Creating the website costs you nothing apart from the 10 minutes in which you will install and configure WordPress, but you need a small budget for the domain and the web hosting plan.


Place the order for the web hosting plan and the domain name that you want. You can also use a domain name you already own.


You will receive by email access data to cPanel – the control panel of the web hosting account. Go to cPanel, then WordPress Toolkit.


Install WordPress in 3 clicks, choosing the Simplenet set. You can choose the name of the site, the access user and password, the email of the administrator, etc.


Wait a few minutes for the installation of both WordPress and the set of themes and plugins needed to build the site to finish.


Click on the Login button to log in to the WordPress administration area, where you will be able to choose the desired design for your site.


Wait for the automatic installer to finish and you will have a demo site. You are free to modify the texts and pictures on the pages with your own.

See video on Youtube

To make it as easy as possible for you to create a WordPress website, we have prepared a video tutorial on our YouTube channel.