Going viral – a little story about a birthday

It was his mom’s birthday, and he thought he’d do something special. Really special.

So he posted his mother’s phone number on his Facebook wall and asked his Facebook friends to send her a text with “Happy Birthday!”.

Some people thought it was weird to share a personal phone number on the internet, but most people considered that it was cute and they started sharing, liking and texting Ariel’s mom (despite the name, Ariel is a guy).

People started to pick up on this; everybody was talking about it, even the local news did a piece on this.

His social media experiment with his mom’s birthday had resulted in:

  • 550+ texts
  • 40+ calls
  • 1200+ likes
  • 24000+ Youtube views (he filmed his mom’s reaction)

The next day Ariel wrote me a simple message on Facebook: thank you. Quite puzzled, I asked what is he thanking me for so he sends me this print screen.

Traffic Spike

His blog had a traffic spike of 31,000 pageviews that day, and it didn’t crash.

Thirty-one thousand might not seem like a significant number for some people, but for a small independent publisher (blogger) it’s always good to see spikes of traffic, except for the situation when your hosting can’t scale very well, and your blog crashes.

Luckily, Ariel’s blog is hosted on a modern hosting solution that can scale and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.


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