Affordable web hosting for your smaller WordPress sites.

Budget-friendly shared hosting in Europe.

  • automated daily backups
  • server level caching
  • free e-mail
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Simplenet is the best decision I made when I started my blog.

Diana D.


These guys are great, they helped me every time and very fast.

Ioana T.


Undoubtedly a collective of first-rate professionals. Highly recommended.

Daniel F.


A+ grade support with quick responses and solutions to all issues.

Peter G.


Simple and cost-effective solution for a hassle-free online presence.

Web hosting that works for you, without the hefty price tag.





$3,75 / mo

2 domains


Daily Backups

Free SSL

Free Migration

Free E-mail

Unmetered Traffic

WordPress Toolkit

Website Builder


$4,95 / mo

5 domains


Daily Backups

Free SSL

Free Migration

Free E-mail

Unmetered Traffic

WordPress Toolkit

Website Builder


$9,95 / mo

15 domains


Daily Backups

Free SSL

Free Migration

Free E-mail

Unmetered Traffic

WordPress Toolkit

Website Builder


$14,95 / mo

30 domains


Daily Backups

Free SSL

Free Migration

Free E-mail

Unmetered Traffic

WordPress Toolkit

Website Builder

We offer a 14-day money-back guarantee for all purchases. Your satisfaction is our top priority. If, for any reason, we don’t meet your expectations, we are more than happy to issue a full refund.

Simplenet is the fifth hosting service I’ve used, and the first I’ve ever created a Google review for. Their customer service is first class: very responsive, always getting to the heart of the matter quickly, and then sorting things out patiently and expediently. I recommend Simplenet without hesitation.

Philip S.


These guys are amazing, they helped me every time and super fast. Being a beginner with WordPress I do need a lot of help and ask probably a lot of stupid questions but they never run out of patience or turn me down. Thank you Simplenet!

Ioana T.


A modern stack of premium software on performant hardware.

Better web hosting for your websites.

CloudLinux OS

Your account is isolated in a lightweight virtualized environment, giving you greater stability and security.

LiteSpeed Enterprise

The best web server with a cache engine built right into the core will accelerate your WordPress website.


Enjoy e-mail addresses, protected by the antispam filters of the premium solution SpamExperts.


Easily manage your websites, databases, and e-mail addresses. No lock-ins; you own your data and can move away at any time.

Acronis Backup

We back up your data once a day with the premium backup solution Acronis. You can restore it quickly from the control panel.


A premium security suite protecting your website against malware, attacks, exploits and all other threats.


We use performant dedicated servers with high-frequency Intel Xeon CPUs and enterprise-grade SSD storage in RAID-10.


Tier-3, located in Central Europe, uses state-of-the-art equipment and technology to ensure 100% operational availability.


… are more important than tech specs. You get expert WordPress support from real people.

Included in all plans.

All the features. No extra charge.

Performant Hardware

Servers with 56 CPUs, 256 GB RAM and enterprise SSD disks in RAID-10, in a TIER-3 data center in Central Europe, 200 Gbps connectivity, anti-DDoS layer 3-7 protection.

Premium Software

We use a modern stack with premium software: CloudLinux, LiteSpeed, SpamExperts, Acronis, Imunify360, PHP8, MariaDB.

Guaranteed Uptime

We guarantee 99.95% monthly web hosting availability and our goal is to achieve 100% uptime.


You can host as many applications as you want, within the limits of your hosting account, be it WordPress or any other PHP application.

Free migrations

Effortless migration, no extra costs, no hassle. We take care of moving your WordPress site from your current provider for free.


With cPanel you can manage your hosting account simply and easily. Sites, files, databases, emails, domains, subdomains. One click away.

Nightly backup

We make backups on external servers through the professional Acronis solution. Data can be quickly restored directly from cPanel at no additional cost.

PHP versions

You can activate from cPanel any PHP version you want, from the following: 5.6, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4, 8.0, 8.1.


If you need help, you can ask us for assistance via a simple email or via the support tickets in the customer area.


Client hosting accounts are isolated to eliminate the possibility of a vulnerable account infecting other clients on the server.

Anti malware scan

You benefit from the full protection of the Imunify360 premium security solution. If you need additional protection, we can help.

Free SSL

You can get free auto-renewing SSL certificates for all domains hosted at Simplenet in a few clicks, directly from cPanel.


The LiteSpeed Enterprise web server processes PHP requests faster and also serves static assets much faster than Apache.

WordPress caching

We have out-of-the-box caching to improve your site’s loading speed and scalability. You just need to install the LiteSpeed Cache plugin.

Resource usage

From the cPanel control panel you can see if PHP scripts or database queries are consuming excessive processing resources on the server.


You can create email addresses and manage them in Outlook or another application. We block spam with SpamExperts professional filtering solutions.


Everything is already set up for you but if you need extra DNS configurations, you can add and manage them very easily from the control panel.


You can access the databases directly from PHPMyAdmin or you can set up remote access (remote MySQL).


You can add multiple additional domains on the same account to keep your web hosting costs low.


You can add an unlimited number of subdomains for testing purposes or to host additional applications.


If you have a global business, you can add an unlimited number of alias domains for a multi-language setup.

Cron jobs

You can create as many cron jobs as you need from cPanel (minimum interval of 15 minutes).

File manager

You have access to all your files on the server to add, modify or delete them via FTP or cPanel.

Need more info?

If we missed something, send in your questions and we will answer as soon as possible.

Save time and money with our free migration service.

We offer free website migrations from any host. Our WordPress experts will move your website to our hosting platform in less than an hour. Free of charge and with minimum interruption of service.

  • Login to our client portal
  • Submit a ticket and provide us access credentials
  • We move your website
  • You change the DNS of your domain
  • Done!
White Gloves
Office work

All the tools you need to manage your data.

Install WordPress with a click, issue free SSL certificates, and create e-mail addresses. Easy. No lock-ins, you own your data, you have access to everything, and can move to another provider at any time.

  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Automated Daily Backups & Easy Restore
  • DNS Management
  • File & Database Access
  • Change PHP Version
  • Server-Level Cache
  • Resource Usage Stats

Do you have more than one website? No problem.

You have access to a feature-rich platform for simplified management of all your WordPress websites.

  • Admin and database password management
  • Search engine indexing management
  • Single sign-on functionality
  • Automatic security hardening
  • Plugin and theme set management
  • Cloning functionality
  • Mass automatic and smart updates
Manage workloads
Team working

Are you part of a team, or a professional managing accounts for clients?

We’ve got you covered. If you’re part of a team, you can invite users to have access to your account, or you can add contacts like a dev who can open support tickets or an accountant who gets the invoice emails. If you’re a professional, you can manage products and services, billing, and other functions for multiple client accounts using a single login, and switch easily between accounts.

  • Invite users to your account
  • Choose permissions
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Switch between accounts
  • Add sub-contacts
  • Set email notifications

Do you need a professional email? You got it.

You can create unlimited email addresses @yourdomain and enjoy inbound and outbound email filtering from Spam Experts to keep your email free of spam. Access emails through webmail or on any phone or desktop mail client.

  • Webmail (Horde, Roundcube, SquirrelMail)
  • IMAP / POP3 / SMTP
  • Email forwarders
  • Email filters, catch-all, auto-responders
  • Spam filtering
keep it 100
Tech support

Technical support and assistance from WordPress experts.

We are a small and independent team. We are not owned by investment funds. Our objective is customer satisfaction, not manipulation of KPIs to achieve business objectives imposed by the corporation.

  • We have been working with WordPress since 2009.
  • We were our first customers, and we still use our own services.
  • We are constantly learning about the field and sharing knowledge with our clients.
  • We stay up to date with the changes happening in the WordPress ecosystem and follow best practices.

The most important thing about shared web hosting? Neighbours.

Shared web hosting can be associated with renting an unfurnished apartment in a block of flats. When prices are too low and resources too “unlimited”, then the offer attracts people you wouldn’t want as neighbours. That’s why we try to offer something else:

  • honest service
  • decent pricing
  • a fair amount of resources
  • less tenants
Shared service

Shared Hosting Guide

Web hosting is a service that helps you to have a publicly accessible website on the Internet.

A subscription to a web hosting plan is a rent you pay to have a specialised company manage the services needed to keep your website up and running.

Web hosting is not just the simple renting of space on a server, on that server there are software services that make possible the processing of PHP code, database queries, email sending and receiving, etc.

These services require setup, maintenance and updating, which is the responsibility of the web hosting provider.

By paying for web hosting, you are paying for access to resources, both hardware and software, as well as human resources. Not as in HR, but in terms of care and support.

So it’s not just a simple rent of space, but a wider set of IT services provided by professionals, and specialists in this field:

  • hosting DNS zones
  • file hosting
  • database hosting
  • hosting email addresses
  • anti-malware protection
  • malicious attacks protection (DDOS)
  • anti-spam and anti-virus filtering for email
  • server administration, maintenance and optimisation
  • technical support provided to customers

Due to the massive popularity of shared hosting, most people think of web hosting as a single service, but in fact, there are at least 3 main services:

  • DNS hosting
  • app hosting
  • email hosting

What is DNS hosting?

DNS hosting is the hosting of DNS zones. When you associate a hosting provider’s nameservers with a domain, it means that that provider will host the DNS zones for your domain.

The most common DNS zones are:

  • A – The record that contains the IP address of a domain.
  • CNAME – Redirects a domain or subdomain to another domain, not to an IP address.
  • MX – Directs mail to a mail server.
  • TXT – Allows an administrator to store text notes in the record. These records are often used for email security.

What is app hosting?

App hosting is the hosting of your web application, or website (WordPress, another application or even a simple HTML file).

App hosting is controlled by the DNS type A entry, the record that contains the IP address where a domain is pointed. The Domain Name System (DNS) translates the A record and instead of people having to remember an IP address to type in their browser to access, they will type directly.

What is email hosting?

Email hosting is controlled by MX DNS entries, which direct mail to an email server.

The most common case is that of shared hosting, where all 3 services (DNS, app, mail) are with the same provider, on the same server.

But all these 3 hosting services can also be separate, you can have:

  • DNS hosting from Cloudflare,
  • app hosting from Simplenet,
  • mail hosting from Google Workspace.

What’s the best – all together or separated?

For most sites, the default situation where all hosting components are provided as a single service is sufficient and no separation is needed.

In this case, our shared hosting plans presented above include everything needed.

However, there are also cases where some sites have special needs.

1 – a small brochure-style website of a company can use an affordable shared solution for the app hosting because it won’t have high traffic.

But for that company, the email is “business critical” and the limitations of a shared hosting solution are not satisfactory.

Thus, they can separate app hosting from email hosting. Keep the website on shared hosting, but for email opt for a professional email hosting solution, such as Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Tutanota, Fastmail, ProtonMail, etc.

2 – a high-traffic blog or news site needs website hosting focused on performance and scalability but doesn’t have much need for email.

Thus, email can be hosted on a shared solution, while the website can be hosted on a managed WordPress hosting solution, with a customised setup, specially designed to handle as much traffic as possible.

These would be two example scenarios when separating website hosting from email hosting is needed.

Is shared hosting exclusively for WordPress?

Simplenet’s shared hosting solution is not limited to WordPress, it is 100% compatible with any PHP application.

But if you use WordPress you will have many more advantages than if you use another application because we are WordPress specialists, we have WordPress integrations at the server level, specific optimisations for WordPress performance and we can offer specialised WordPress technical support.

What resources are being shared and how?

Shared hosting works like this:

  • cPanel accounts share server resources on a first come, first served basis
  • cPanel accounts are isolated one from another and have quotas (each cPanel account has an allocated space and CPU-RAM limits)
  • websites inside a cPanel account share the account resources (storage, CPU limits, RAM limits)
  • websites inside a cPanel account are not isolated from each other (you can’t set quotas)