Maybe you’ve already failed, but you don’t know it yet


One day, my grandmother calls my father – ‘you must come quick to mow the lawn, the grass is 20 inches high, and my neighbors are laughing at me’.

When he got there, the grass was barely 4 inches high, and no one was laughing.

But that’s my grandmother’s way – she would also go to the Church every Sunday for the same reason: so that people wouldn’t talk behind her back.

Keep that story in mind.

My job involves discussing with many business owners on a daily basis.

I was recently talking to someone about traffic monetization, and that person would radically reject the idea of monetization, arguing that she didn’t want to become a sellout by writing advertorials on random products.

Then she added she wanted to build a cool project, a community of friendly people, and to publish essential articles that could shape values and educate others while promoting respect, education or values as well.

If only an investor were willing to finance the project, she said.

Read the above lines carefully – if only an investor were willing to finance my project.

Basically, what that person was saying was that she wanted to be an employee.

She didn’t want to be a website owner, nor an entrepreneur – all she wanted was to be an employee. Her goal was to go to work, write a blog post, get her monthly paycheck and go home to live ‘happily ever after,’ without being judged or taking any responsibility for her actions.

I’ve written another guest post on this topic – owning a website makes you an entrepreneur. It’s true, no matter how much you disliked this word. You’re no longer a consumer – you create something, and you offer something new.

You need to take responsibility for this. Embrace the fact that you’re an entrepreneur and you’re trying something on your own.

You can’t be an entrepreneur unless you make difficult decisions. You just can’t have your cake and eat it too.

Let’s stop being as innocent as a lamb and accept our position instead, assume our responsibilities and take charge of our decision making.

Wanna know a funny thing about that discussion?

That person was talking about changing mentalities and education, but she shared the same mindset as my 87-years-old grandmother.

She’s scared of what people might think about her. She’s afraid of being judged for placing an ad or two on her website.

It’s somehow funny and at the same time sad to see the way we try to change the world, yet we are not aware of not being able to change ourselves first. We inherit our grandparents’ patterns of thinking, their self-imposed limits, their fears, as well as their preconceived ideas.

Don’t deceive yourself thinking you’re not like that. Look in the mirror and repeat out loud the lies you’re telling yourself. Look yourself in the eyes and try to grasp the truth.

“If only an investor willing to finance the project showed up” is total bullshit.

This is an unrealistic goal whose sole purpose is to provide an excuse for failing. Thus, when your website fails, and you go back to your job and your ordinary life, you can make up the perfect excuse.

“Nobody wanted to invest in my project.”

“No one wanted to make a difference and build something beautiful with me.”

“It’s the President’s fault. It’s the economy. The Millenials.”

Excuses. They’re all just excuses.

They lurk inside, and at the right time, your brain will quickly bring them to the surface. They had been there for years already.

No wonder that when you turn 65, you’ll find yourself telling your grandchildren about that blog you once had and that one time it had 50,000 unique visitors a day.

– Wow, grandpa, 50,000 unique visitors?
– Yes.
– And?
– Well, that’s it. That’s the story. There was one time when my website had 50,000 unique visitors.

Does it sound like a good story to you?

Or would you instead tell him about how you made your first million, how you lost it and how you earned it back?

The story of you giving 100% to build something. How you fought, cried, bled, worked hard, starved, stayed up at night and did everything in your power, day by day, to prove yourself that you can do it, not for the money or fame.

How does this story sound like? Would you go to see the movie?

It’s never too late to write a better story.

Otherwise, you’ve already failed, you just don’t know it yet.


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