Why speed matters

We’ve all seen the studies from big websites on how speed affected their business – Amazon losing $1.6 billion in sales because of a slowdown of just a single second, for example.

And you probably just thought, well, I’m not Amazon, I’m not losing billions, why should I care about a second?

Let’s see what happens with a small publisher with less than 50,000 pageviews a month. I tested this on my wife’s small publishing website.

bounce rate affected by speed
bounce rate affected by loading speed

This little graph shows how the bounce rate is affected by the speed of the website.

  • we have 46% bounce rate when the speed is one second
  • bounce rate goes up to 75% when the speed is 3 seconds

That’s pretty self-explanatory, people don’t like to wait. Those two extra seconds mean you lose 30% of your visitors.

Can you afford to lose 30% of your traffic?

pageviews affected by speed
pageviews affected by loading speed

This graph represents the user engagement behavior and how website loading time is impacting it.

  • we have 4.17 pageviews/user when the speed is under a second
  • it goes down to 1.70 pageviews/user when the speed is 3 seconds

The conclusion is pretty straightforward – you’re losing traffic, engagement & money.

You don’t have to be Amazon, Google or eBay to start making your website load faster. In fact, if you’re a small publisher, it’s even more critical because it’s a jungle out there in the publishing world.

So, making your WordPress website faster is a must:

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