Maintenance and care plans for your WordPress website.

Focus your time and efforts on growing your business, and let our team of WordPress experts manage the technical aspects of your website.

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I am very satisfied with Simplenet, they helped me whenever I needed.

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Site Maintenance Plans

Care plans for your WordPress website.

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Expert support


$5 /mo

Website monitoring plan. The service doesn’t fix problems; it just detects them and notifies you. A small cost to know what is happening with your site.

  • Uptime monitoring
  • Performance monitoring
  • Security monitoring
  • Weekly report

Safe Updates

$45 /mo

Monthly WordPress monitoring and safe updates plan. We ensure that WordPress core, plugins and themes are updated to the latest versions from the developers.

  • Uptime monitoring
  • Performance monitoring
  • Security monitoring
  • Weekly report
  • Daily backup
  • WordPress updates


$165 /mo

Full maintenance subscription for your WordPress site. We make sure your website works flawlessly from a technical point of view.

  • Uptime monitoring
  • Performance monitoring
  • Security monitoring
  • Weekly report
  • Daily backup
  • WordPress updates
  • Fix technical issues
  • Cloudflare implementation
  • Free migrations
  • Priority technical support

More information about the maintenance services.

All you need to know about Simplenet maintenance services for WordPress sites.

Uptime monitoring

Our system checks your site’s availability every minute and lets you know instantly if the site isn’t loading, giving you a chance to fix the problem.

Performance monitoring

Performance checks give you insight into things that can be improved. It’s the first step to solving problems that cause slow load times.

Security monitoring

Our system scans your site every day to find vulnerabilities and detect malware infections. Details are sent on your weekly maintenance report.

Keyword ranking monitoring

We monitor how your site ranks for up to 100 keywords in Google search results and send you a weekly report with the rankings.

Daily cloud backups

Incremental & reliable daily off-site backups on AWS S3 for your WordPress website (files and database).

Safe Updates

The main causes of infections are vulnerabilities in PHP scripts. We keep WordPress themes and modules updated to the latest versions.

Fixing issues

We monitor your WordPress site, and from the moment the system sends us a notification, we fix the problem as quickly as possible.

Expert support

You get priority technical support from WordPress experts who can help you with ideas, recommendations and solutions for various WordPress situations.


If desired, we implement Cloudflare services and configure them for security and performance (CDN, edge caching).

Free migrations

If you change your hosting provider, we take care of migrating your site from one provider to another.

Anything we missed?

Contact us for any questions or concerns you may have about our services.

If you’re not happy with how your WordPress website is performing, we have additional services that can fix your website.

Technical SEO audit and fix issues

We perform an audit to identify your website’s technical SEO issues, give you a detailed report and a custom quote for fixing them.

Price: $450

Security audit and malware cleanup

If your WordPress site has been infected, we take care of cleaning the infection from your site and setting up a security strategy for the future.

Price: $375

Performance audit and optimisation

We do a performance audit, identify issues causing long load times, and make your WordPress website load faster.

Price: $495

business owner

Your website is a business that needs to be managed on all levels.

Your website may be a media product that “sells” information or entertainment, and visitors pay with their time and attention. It could also be a salesman that directly or indirectly sells products and services. Or it may be useful to you in other ways.

No website is useless unless the owner treats it as useless. If it is treated as a business, then it needs to be managed on all levels: technical, marketing, sales, copywriting & content, etc.

The internet is technical, so the technical part is very important.

The technical part is the foundation on which you build your online business.

Successful online businesses have understood that you can’t do it all by yourself and you need good people in all departments: technical, sales, marketing, etc.

Let us be your tech staff, and you focus on the business.

your tech staff
keep it 100

The best example that recommends us is our website.

We are not like the shoemaker who has holes in his shoes. We don’t learn on clients’ money and sites. Everything we know and learned we have already implemented on our website.

  • no PHP errors
  • no technical SEO errors
  • zero vulnerabilities
  • perfect score on performance: 100/100
  • passes Core Web Vitals