Lightning fast managed WordPress hosting for your website.

Your website deserves a fully dedicated, optimised for WordPress, secure hosting solution with a team of experts who’ve got your back.

Free Migrations

All website migrations are handled free of charge by our experts. We’ll move your website without any downtime.

Daily Backups

We try to minimize data loss to zero with daily backups of your WordPress install and weekly snapshot backups of your server.

Expert WordPress Support

If you need help, our team of WordPress experts is available to answer your questions and solve your site’s issues.

Nginx Page Cache

We have WordPress caching integrated at the server level to improve the loading speed and scalability of your website.

99.95% Uptime

We guarantee a 99.95% monthly availability of the web hosting service, and our goal is to achieve a 100% uptime.

Free SSL Certificates

You get free a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate for your domain, or you can bring your own SSL certificate.

SFTP Access

You have access to your files on the server to add, edit, or delete them.

Redis Object Cache

We speed up your WordPress website by caching database queries with Redis.

Dedicated Resources

Each WordPress website is hosted on its private cloud server, with dedicated resources.


Each server is set up following industry’s best practices for security and we also monitor your website for vulnerabilities.

Database Access

You can access the databases via SSH tunnel with Sequel Pro or MySQL Workbench.

Multiple PHP Versions

We use the latest PHP version, but we can set your preferred PHP version (7.4, 8.0, 8.1).

Frequently asked questions

What is WordPress hosting?

Our WordPress hosting is a web hosting solution where only one WordPress website is hosted on a virtual private server that is setup with a minimalist high-performance stack. We manage the server, clients manage their WordPress website. Add our maintenance services and get a true and complete managed WordPress hosting solution.

How much traffic can WordPress hosting sustain?

These kind of estimates are complicated to make because they depend on many aspects like type of traffic, databases, plugins, quality of code, etc. We do not set hard limits on visits, but we do provide recommended visit levels for each plan to help you determine which plan will be right for you. These estimates are not guarantees. We cannot guarantee a certain level of traffic.

Is WordPress hosting exclusive for WordPress?

Yes, it is. While technically we could host other apps on our server stack, we choose to focus solely on WordPress.

What does expert WordPress support mean?

We offer our clients technical support beyond the server settings, related to errors that may occur in WordPress. Also, we offer access to premium WordPress themes and plugins as well as small optimisations to improve the site loading speed. WordPress support does not mean we manage or maintain your website.

Do you offer money back guarantee?

Yes, you can request the cancellation of your service within 30 days, and we will refund the money. Exceptions are for domain registrations, which are not refundable.

What are the payment methods?

You can pay via Stripe with your card, or make a bank transfer. When making bank transfers, please submit in the payment details field the pro forma invoice number.

Do you charge VAT/sales tax?

We are required by law to collect tax. This tax is generally referred to as VAT (Value Added Tax), consumption tax, or sales tax. Prices listed on our website do not include tax (VAT – 19%). Tax will be added to your invoice as a separate line item.

Where can I host my website?

We currently offer managed WordPress hosting in the following locations: Frankfurt (Germany), Amsterdam (Netherlands), London (United Kingdom), Paris (France), Warsaw (Poland), Madrid (Spain), Helsinki (Finland), Toronto (Canada), New York (USA), Atlanta (USA), Chicago (USA), Dallas (USA), Miami (USA), Seattle (USA), San Jose (USA), Los Angeles (USA), Sydney (Australia), Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul.

Can I host WordPress Multisite?

Unfortunately, we don’t support the use of WordPress Multisite on our hosting plans.

Do you offer email hosting?

No. As a managed WordPress hosting solution, we focus on what we do best, hosting your websites and making them secure and blazing-fast. Email hosting is a whole other product and can be quite tricky to get right with all the spam, bots, filters, blacklists, IP reputation management, etc so we leave that to the pros.
If you just need to be able to receive emails for your custom domains, Email Forwarding might be the most cost effective method.
If you need traditional email hosting for your custom domains there are many providers out there, such as HoverGSuiteRackspaceZoho, etc.

Do you offer DNS hosting?

No. We recommend Cloudflare for all sites that we are hosting on our managed WordPress solution (and for those that we don’t). Cloudflare offers free DNS hosting and it is one the fastest according to You can sign-up for a free account, then easily grant us access, and we can manage DNS for you (you can revoke our access anytime).