Are you sabotaging your business?

I have a friend who has an online shop, and he regularly asks for advice that he never follows.

A few days ago, he asked me to correct some settings on the configurable attributes of the products listed on the site, a site that runs on Magento, and I noticed that the meta keywords and meta description were copy/paste from the product description.

I tried to explain to him what he should write there, but his answer came entirely predictable, like every time: “I don’t have time to write unique stuff for every product, I have hundreds of products.”

That’s his answer every time I try to help him with ideas, ideas that would involve some work on his part – “I don’t have time for that.”

I think he’s sabotaging his own business, consciously or unconsciously. He’s stuck somewhere between wanting to learn to do it by himself or to give money to a specialist, but he does not choose any path. He just stays there in the middle. He has a website that could work for him, but he’s sabotaging all that potential.

He doesn’t do Adwords campaigns, link building, email marketing, write unique content focused on the benefits of the products he sells, doesn’t do social media, doesn’t buy advertorials, doesn’t offer discount coupons, he just stays and waits for customers to come out of thin air.

Under these circumstances, telling me that you do not have time to write a decent description is wow.

A few years ago, I was working at an IT firm from 9 to 5, and in my free time, I was working on my online business. I was working hard, I was dreaming that I was sending emails, writing reports, negotiating, etc …

I was dreaming that I was working, I simply could not shut down my brain and relax. After about two years I just could not make the difference between dream and reality. I did not know if I did my job at the office or I only dreamed that I did it, and I had to double check to make sure.

This is what is like not to have time.

Think about what you do to grow your business. Do you do what it takes or are you just making excuses?

Are you sabotaging your business?


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