Why you should start a blog right now

A friend of mine recently started to build homemade audio speakers. He has been a long time audiophile, and passionate about this field.

Many years ago, he and his brother have built a horn, and that horn, even though it was rudimentary built, sounded very good (well, in my humble non-audiophile opinion). That’s why I always thought they should do that as a business.

They didn’t.

A couple of years after, while having some beers with my friend, I told him to start writing about his passion, about audio stuff, speakers, and the whole domain.

He didn’t.

Now, when he finally decided to start building and selling speakers, we were talking about promoting his business, and he said he paid an audiophile blogger to test and write a review about his speakers.

I was amused and told him he could have been that audiophile blogger if he’d started his blog years ago when we talked about it.

He saw the irony of that but said that at the moment it just wasn’t the right time, you know, like, you have to be in a specific state of mind, to reach a certain level of consciousness, etc.

I do agree that. Sometimes you don’t know that you don’t know something and it’s hard to trust someone else’s advice and do something that you do not fully comprehend.

So I said, well, now you know the stuff you didn’t do then, you are in that state of mind, you are an entrepreneur, start now, start writing, start recording video, audio, whatever.

He didn’t.

“Just because it worked out well for you, it doesn’t mean it’s gonna go well for me too,” he said.

It did work out well for me, it’s true. I started a blog on Blogger in 2008, but I got bored after a couple of weeks. As I discovered WordPress and began building websites for clients, I switched my blog to in early 2009.

I liked the writing interface better, but the writing mood didn’t last. Writing on a blog is like keeping a diary. I tried that when I was young, and it just felt like doing more homework.

I hated homework.

It wasn’t until 2011 when I registered a domain and started to write regularly. Mostly about my experiences as an online entrepreneur, about WordPress and WordPress performance, etc.

People started to acknowledge me as a WordPress expert, I got more clients, more work, and it resulted in me pivoting my company’s services to WordPress hosting.

Best decision ever. So yes, it worked out well for me. And not just me. That’s the thing, content marketing works. For a lot of people.

You can go on and read your tips and tricks posts, your how-to articles, your growth hacking methods and millions of pageviews success stories but if you want to grow your online business, it all comes down to a simple fact – start creating.

Just create stuff. Words, pictures, audio, video. Whatever.


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