10 Websites to Find Jobs for WordPress Experts


WordPress market share fluctuated in the last few months after a long period of steady growth. The decline is insignificant compared with its market share, but it’s a warning sign for the WordPress community. W3Techs reported a monthly decrease in WordPress usage of 0.03% in April 2022 and 0.01% in June 2022. These declines may be a normal evolution—nothing can grow perpetually! Besides, the small differences are far from representing a trend.

Recently, Elementor laid off tens of employees due to the economic conditions. Other WordPress companies announced a freeze on hiring new staff. The reality is that companies are reluctant to hire new people in all industries due to the current economic climate.

A shrinking WordPress market share and an economic crisis don’t create a positive outlook. But we are far from being alarmist and we strongly believe that WordPress will continue its dominance. Even though a recession is possible, WordPress will generate enough jobs for everyone. Still, it’s always good to have a plan B, so check out the following websites to find jobs for WordPress experts. Here, you will find cool opportunities if you are looking for a new job!



You may believe that Fiverr is a marketplace to earn peanuts. Indeed, it was a few years ago. Nowadays, Fiverr is a company listed on the US stock exchange and millions of people use the platform. You are no longer limited to offering only five-dollar gigs. In fact, only a small percentage of Fiverr gigs start at $5. The gigs offered by top freelancers may start from a few hundred bucks.

Give Fiverr a try if you have never heard of it. Freelancers are allowed to create gigs—productized services—and users buy the ones that fit their needs. For instance, you offer a speed-optimization gig. Make it clear what the gig includes, and based on your description, customers may contact you or buy the gig. No bidding, no messaging back and forth, no wasted time! 

The negative part is that getting hired on Fiverr 100% depends on the clients’ preferences. As a service provider, you can only create attractive and well-explained gigs.  

WordPress Jobs


Did you know that WordPress.org has a section with jobs for WordPress experts? The jobs fall into many categories, including writing, development, design, general, support, and performance. It has only a few dozen jobs, but you can rest assured about the quality of the companies ready to hire. Hence, take a look at these jobs from time to time so you don’t miss out on great opportunities.  

Angel Jobs


Angel Jobs isn’t a place for WordPress enthusiasts; it’s a place for excellence. It has jobs for designers, UI/UX experts, marketers, content creators, developers, and product managers. The filtering system is effective, and finding the jobs suitable to your skills is simple and enjoyable.

Huge companies like Bitfinex, Empire Flippers, Automattic, and CreativeMinds posted exciting offerings for highly skilled experts on Angel Jobs. Don’t ignore this market if you are looking to work for startups—plenty of promising businesses post interesting and well-paid jobs here. 



Are you strictly interested in WordPress jobs? WPhired is the job board you are looking for! The jobs posted here are for WordPress experts—devs, designers, content creators, and managers. While the number of jobs is limited, many serious agencies in the WordPress space have published attractive job offerings.  

The positive aspect is that more and more agencies are offering remote positions. It means that you are no longer limited by your location! 

Hubstaff Talent


This job board isn’t only for WordPress specialists, but it fully deserves your attention. Hubstaff Talent has thousands of job postings that cover a lot of areas—design, coding, software development, virtual assistance, customer support, content creation, sales, testing, search engine optimization, and marketing. Alongside the diversity and multitude of job postings, the site filters are a huge advantage. You can filter jobs based on the type, hourly rate (if you prefer the pay per hour system), budget, experience level, country, and language.

Just Remote


Working remotely is no longer a fad. Even though the lockdowns are a thing of the past (let’s hope), companies and employees alike embraced remote work. Just Remote is a suggestive name—only remote jobs are posted on the site! The jobs are numerous, and many are for WordPress experts. Check out the jobs, get hired, and live your dream of working as a nomad! 



Confident in your skills? Do you believe that you are a genuine WordPress expert? Consider joining Toptal, a platform well-known for the challenging process of getting accepted as a WordPress developer. It’s an exclusive marketplace where only 3% of applications pass all the exams. In other words, Toptal is the home for the best 3% of WordPress experts. The clients are reliable companies that offer good wages for your top-notch skills.

Authentic Jobs


This is a standard job board – employers post a job description and everyone is free to submit their CVs and portfolios. Authentic Jobs’ uniqueness consists in the seriousness of the companies looking to hire. You get the desired job on Authentic Jobs if you are a genuine expert and your skills are backed up by a strong portfolio. This site offers a wide variety of jobs for coders and designers. Of course, there are many jobs for WordPress experts.  



Foursquare, Lufthansa, Polygon, and Lemon posted job offerings on RemoteOK. These companies are enough to make me suggest this job board to you. On top of that, all the jobs are remote! Another advantage is that all the job postings include the salary range. The jobs are mainly for developers, but there are a few interesting jobs for designers, marketers, and content creators.  

Elementor Experts


Despite the current layoffs, Elementor is a reference page builder in the WordPress ecosystem. It’s a good idea to become an Elementor expert and get hired by people who need professional services. All you have to do is to write a concise description and upload a high-class portfolio. People look through experts’ profiles and choose the proper one. It’s not a reliable source of income, but you may get a job from time to time. Not bad at all, isn’t it?

Over to You

Here are only 10 websites to find jobs for WordPress experts. These cover a large array of preferences and requirements. There are jobs in huge companies, but also in small startups. Many jobs are remote while others require your physical presence in the office. Some suppose to create a profile and wait for customers to hire you. Others imply to contact the job posters and present your skills. It’s hard to believe that a WordPress expert isn’t able to find a job by checking these job boards.


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