15 WordPress Themes for Creators to Keep an Eye on

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Even though we are nearing the middle of the year, 2020 has been and will continue to be a huge turning point for a plethora of businesses. Sadly, some of them will disappear, but others will enter the market. Periods of crisis have an unexpected positive aspect: weak businesses vanish, while solid ones grow. The WordPress industry is no exception.

Design agencies and theme creators don’t have any option but to sell better products and services. I strongly advise you to keep an eye on WordPress experts, design agencies, and plugin and theme creators. They must do their best to keep their current clients and attract new ones.

Here is a list of WordPress theme creators that fully deserve your attention. Check out their offerings if you plan on buying new themes.

Elegant Themes

elegant themes

Elegant Themes is one of the oldest and most famous theme creators. They have focused on Divi, their flagship theme, for the last few years. It’s an interesting business model. Instead of developing new themes, the majority of the Elegant Themes team works hard on improving Divi. It comes with the Divi visual page builder, a mighty tool that allows people to create sites without writing code.

Is it risky to put all your eggs in one basket? It might be, but it’s not the case for Elegant Themes. Divi is a theme that is suitable for every type of project. When I say every type, I mean every type! Hence, it makes sense for Elegant Themes to concentrate on building the best premium WordPress theme.

Would Divi persist in the market for the years to come? I believe that it will be here for many years if its developers continue creating new features.

CSS Igniter

css igniter professional wordpress themes

CSS Igniter takes the opposite business approach. The skilled developers behind CSS Igniter release new themes almost monthly. It’s a hectic effort, taking into account that all the releases look great and work perfectly. The themes work for blogs, magazine news, small businesses, online stores, portfolios, hotels, and restaurants.

People who lack coding skills and want to build a site by themselves like CSS Igniter’s approach. They chose a theme and customize it to reflect their brand; it’s enough to import a demo in just a click. It’s simpler than selecting a multipurpose theme jam-packed with features that aren’t necessary for their projects.

The pricing is another substantial advantage of CSS Igniter. You’ll pay only $69 for the Standard Club subscription, which includes 80+ themes. That means each theme costs less than a dollar.


studio press

Genesis Framework is the most famous WordPress framework, and tons of developers use it. The framework is at the base of many excellent themes. For instance, all the StudioPress themes are built on this framework.

StudioPress has earned a reputation for being a theme seller that delivers only top-class products, in addition to warm and professional customer support. On top of that, StudioPress’s themes are fast-loading and search engine friendly. If you want to get organic traffic, these features are golden.

The experts behind StudioPress will certainly keep on developing new attractive themes. They have delivered stellar products so far, and there are no signs that they will lower the standards.


theme isle

ThemeIsle adopted a business approach that satisfies clients and ensures a solid income stream. The themes Zelle (formerly Zerif), Hestia, and Neve all come in free and premium versions. Most users who have downloaded and installed the free versions of these themes have simply fallen in love with them. As a result, they’ve upgraded to the premium version. It shows that you have to give before you get.

The themes sail with endless features and are highly customizable. Another plus is the clean and light code, so your site will load fast. Neve is currently one of the fastest WordPress themes.


tesla themes

If you’re searching for WordPress themes that express refinement, sleekness, and elegance, you have to visit TeslaThemes. Their offerings include almost 70 carefully crafted themes. Most of them are suitable for blogging, businesses, portfolios, and online stores.

You can buy an individual theme, the entire package of themes and one year of support and updates, or a lifetime subscription to get all the themes and future releases, in addition to premium support.

Brainstorm Force

brainstorm force

This company has released only one major theme. It may not seem fair to include a company that has only released one theme, but it’s understandable when that theme is Astra. It’s one of the most famous WordPress themes ever released.

The unparalleled level of customization options and the impressive loading speed make Astra unique. Only a few themes successfully combine speed with an impressive set of features. In most cases, developers have sacrificed speed for features or vice versa, but not Brainstorm Force!

Keep an eye on Brainstorm Force. I am curious about how much they can improve Astra and what can be done to make it even better. Maybe they will release a new theme!



Themify has been an important theme seller since 2010. About 100,000 customers have been completely delighted with the themes released under this brand.

All the themes are compatible with Themify Builder, a powerful drag-and-drop editor. Hence, people with limited or no coding skills but a good sense of aesthetics are free to design outstanding layouts.

Ultra is a best-selling theme and for good reason. The 30+ premade layouts reveal that the theme can be the base of both formal and creative sites. Visit Ultra’s page and check how WordPress theme sellers should present theme features. Instead of a plain list of features, you’ll find sketches showing the different layout structures.

Don’t ignore the rest of the themes. They have other cool themes that might interest you.

AccessPress Themes

accesspress themes

AccessPress Themes is a cool mix of free and premium themes and plugins. This mixture attracts not only designers and design agencie,s but also common WordPress users.

Webmasters on tight budgets will appreciate the free themes and products. Currently, the AccessPress inventory contains over 35 free, and 25 premium themes, and 50 free, and 55 premium plugins.

Each theme comes in two versions, free and paid with the free one missing a few options. I appreciate that each theme description clearly presents the difference between the free and premium versions. Overall, AccessPress Themes should be on your bookmarked list of theme sellers.



Pixelgrade covers everything in the theme industry. Pixelgrade’s uniqueness consists of the modern and sleek design of its themes. There is no best or worst theme—they all look great.

Just like AccessPress, Pixelgrade offers a free version of its themes.

Artisan Themes

artisan themes

Artisan Themes is a standout theme seller. It feels as though the developers created the themes especially for you. It looks like an artisan crafted the themes and not a team of developers.

The attention to good design and the richness of white space are two capital particularities of Artisan Themes’ products. The 30+ pre-designed modules are useful helpers for adding cool and complex functions to a site.

Author, Canvas, Slidable Insights, Pricing Tables, Slogan, Video Post Slider, and Modules Wrapper are a few modules to spice up your site layout.

Church Themes

church themes

The name of this theme creator is self-explanatory. I added Church Themes to this list because I appreciate all of its themes and its business model of focusing on a single niche. It’s an original approach, and people who design sites for churches and communities should know about Church Themes.

The themes are, indeed, designed with the needs of a church website in mind. Don’t expect these themes to be plain and boring layouts stuffed with long quotes from the Holy Bible. Paradoxically, the themes include many modern touches that will keep viewers engaged.

Hermes Themes

hermes themes

Do you have many clients who ask for truly outstanding restaurant or hotel websites? Is it difficult to customize a multipurpose theme for such projects? You have to visit Hermes Themes and inspect the themes for sale.

The themes suit any type of restaurant or hotel. Avignon brings back the atmosphere of the 20th century from France. Use it confidently for classic properties, and people will love it. Consider the Ambassador for luxury and elegant hotels—it suits avantgarde buildings.

The themes include booking systems, galleries to showcase the interiors and rooms, and user-friendly filtering systems.

Audio Theme

audio themes

Audio Theme isn’t a famous theme seller. But I believe that it deserves a mention because of the nice design of all the themes. Video backgrounds and audio players will become more and more common as internet speeds increase. Hence, there is a lot of room for Audio Themes to grow.

These themes work for artists, singers, bands, and DJs. Black and white or colorful, minimalist or content-heavy, there are themes for all tastes.

Gorilla Themes

gorilla themes

Gorilla Themes has adopted a pragmatic approach: each theme suits one niche, and there are no multipurpose or flagship themes.

Each Gorilla Themes product has a clear purpose and comes with the entire set of features needed for that kind of project. There are themes for car dealers (AutoMotive, AutoTrade), tourism (Tourism, Traveller), real estate (Open House Real Estate), musicians (Dance Floor DJ), and blogging (Seduction Magazine).

I checked out most of the themes, and I was totally impressed with the themes’ features. Instead of adding countless features to a single theme, the developers have gifted the themes with useful options only.


wpzoom themes

WPZoom is one of the oldest WordPress theme creators. It launched back in 2008, and since then, hundreds of thousands of sites have used WPZoom’s themes.

Foodica, Inspiro, and Reel are some of its most popular works. But you won’t waste time by checking out the entire package of themes. All of them impress with good aesthetics, useful features, and a large array of customization options.


If you want to purchase themes or you are looking for inspiration, these WordPress theme creators deserve your attention. Chances are that one of these creators will develop a bestselling theme soon.

What do you think? Which theme sellers will come up with the best theme? Leave a comment with your guess. We are eager to know your opinion! 


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    Andrei Chira

    Our favorite themes are:

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