10 Great YouTube Channels for Developers


You can learn coding from the comfort of your home, at your own pace, without attending any school – that’s for sure. In fact, many good developers learned coding by themselves. While traditional schools remain a reliable method to pursue a career as a programmer, the Internet has become a much-appreciated alternative. Thankfully, you have countless online resources to learn any coding language. 

From our experience, YouTube channels for developers are the best to learn to code. Some of them target newbies while others cater to experienced people. Here are our picks. We doubt that you won’t find at least a playlist to pique your interest.

Free Code Camp


Free Code Camp is one of the most famous resources for developers and its YouTube channel is also a real learning hub for developers. This channel contains many worth-mentioning playlists for both beginners and experts. It’s truly remarkable that the Free Code Camp YouTube channel includes tutorials about traditional topics like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, but also includes new technologies like data science, machine learning, and Python. It’s not the most attractive subject, but there are many videos teaching you the math concepts used in programming.

Don’t fall into the trap of tutorial hell (watching tons of tutorials without practicing). The Free Code Camp instructors uploaded many videos themed on practice, so start writing code. 

Programming with Mosh


You will fall in love with Mosh’s style; he perfectly mixes the expert explanations with personal insights. In this way, his tutorials are attractive and the students learn faster. For instance, I learned the Docker basis by carefully watching one of his YouTube videos. Mosh teaches a lot of coding languages –  his introductory courses are priceless. He has also published videos about the developers’ wages, trending languages, and coding tips. 

Google Developers


In the coding realm, it’s not enough to be merely prepared to learn. It’s crucial to know what you should learn. Google Developers is a Google channel that is the perfect source to keep you updated on what’s new in this space. The videos are short and cover a large palette of fields, from Google Pay to Android development and smart home. Most uploads are under five minutes, so watch these videos while you commute or are waiting in a queue. It’s a perfect method to not waste your time. You will find many recorded events like Google I/O and Google Developer Days here.

Traversy Media


Traversy Media is my favorite YouTube channel to learn to code. I highly appreciate the perfect mix of topics. Learning what and how to do it from the perspective of an experienced programmer matters a lot. You will find many videos focused on:

  • most sought after technologies
  • must-have traits of a programmer
  • interview challenges
  • working setups and computer’s specs.

Besides, this channel contains tens of high-quality courses, especially for beginners. Watching the videos from the Traversy Media channel in addition to constant practice is the most effective way to learn to program and get a job in this industry. Traversy Media covers both basics like HTML and CSS, but also more complicated languages like Python, R, and Flutter.

The Net Ninja


This channel has a unique approach; the “ninjas” publish complete courses falling into small clips one after another. For instance, they uploaded 22 clips, all under 20 minutes, about Golang. It starts with introductory notions like variables, arrays, and loops and ends with user inputs and parsing floats. In this way, learning new languages doesn’t look so terrifying. 

The Net Ninja has a large offering – check it to learn React, Vue, Tailwind, Svelte, Flutter, Angular, and Python. The classes aren’t just plain explanations of the concepts, there are plenty of projects focused on practice. 



DesignCourse is a resource that doesn’t teach you programming but helps you become a better developer. Let me explain this paradox! Gary Simon, the talented guy behind this channel, constantly publishes videos related to Figma, Adobe XD, UX/UI, usability, and CSS. These videos aren’t strictly for web designers, but also for developers who want to understand the design principles.

A web developer who doesn’t care about design won’t be able to create usable and good-looking sites. Hence, check DesignCourse’s uploads to learn how design works and become a better developer.

Kevin Powell


It’s just a personal opinion and it might be wrong. I truly believe that mastering CSS is what makes the difference between an outstanding web developer and a good one. Indeed, JavaScript is responsible for most dynamic effects, but CSS potential is huge. Either way, you should have good knowledge of CSS to craft modern sites.

Subscribe to Kevin Powell’s channel to learn CSS from zero to hero. A huge plus is Kevin’s humor – you definitely won’t get bored watching his videos.

Wes Bos


Wes Bos (his real name is Wesley Bos) isn’t only a great sounding name, it’s a YouTube channel to learn web development, especially CSS and JavaScript. Wes Bos is the creator of many top-class courses and he knows how to capture the attention of the viewers. The same as Kevin, he is a good entertainer – a must-have quality for a YouTuber in the coding area. 



The tagline of this channel is simple, inspired, and inspiring – “never stop learning”. You must consistently learn if you want to stay relevant in your industry. Coders know this fact the hard way – it’s enough to quit updating to what’s new in the coding area for a few months and you will feel overwhelmed.

Thenewboston is one of the most constant YouTube channels for developers and a quality source to keep you updated on the latest technologies. The most recent topics are Docker, Kotlin, and node deployment. Anyone with a solid grasp on these has a high chance of getting hired and paid pretty well. 

TechWorld with Nana


DevOps is a new, dynamic, and attractive field adjacent to coding. It’s not bad at all to learn the basics of DevOps as a coder. TechWorld with Nana YouTube channel is a good start in this respect. The explanations are clear and simple, so this channel is a good fit for non-techie people. The length of the videos ranges from a few minutes to five-hour complete courses. Check this resource to learn about Kubernetes, Docker, Jenkins, Ansible, YAML, and many other cool DevOps technologies.

Over to You

These ten YouTube channels for developers are enough to keep you updated on the latest news and learn a new coding language. Bear in mind that the only way to learn to code is to practice. A class or a YouTube video just shows you the basics and gives you directions to follow, but none replace your effective work.  


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